Tales of Pentel

Chapter 1: A Single Step

Tagline: It takes a village

From Sir Littlebrook’s Notes

Fitness Log:
Jogged 20km, sprinted 3km, cooldown jog 10km
347 pushups, 409 situps

Adventure Log:
Well it looks like some people here in this here town has somebody missing. On our way out to find this bud, a group of capable people I tagged along with found the kid and apparently some wolves were about to eat him or something, I don’t know I was checking out my muscles. I totally suplexed a wolf, you should’ve seen it, it was amazing. That kid is fine and we’re walking back to the village and they decided to throw this group of people I’m with a party. The other people were doing some stuff, and then I totally served a guy in front of his wife. This new workout regiment is really starting to show due to how flexible and smooth I move. So the next morning this guy offers us a castle’s worth of gold to deliver a dog to his squeeze in some town. Sounds good, and we’re heading off.

I bet I could ride that dog.

End of Sir Littlebrook’s Notes



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