Tales of Pentel

Chapter 3: Hunger Pains
Tagline: "Guess what's coming to dinner?"

Write stuff here, chris.

Chapter 2: Dog Catchers
Tagline: What's yours is mine

From Sir Littlebrook’s Notes

Fitness Log:
Jogged 7km, sprinted 2km, cooldown jog 5km
249 pushups, 374 situps
Due to time constraints I will be working out while traveling

Adventure Log:
So that dog we’re looking after ran away into the forest and we’re trying to find it. All this running around is working wonders on the glam muss. Saw a boulder, nothing there. A hunter’s lookout, not much there either, and found a hole. Not sure why the others were so darn interested in that hole, but that horned-feller stuck its head right in with no warning and a snake bit its cheek. Someone shouted it was poisonous and yelled out to look for a distinct flower. I’m pretty sure I saw one while I was checking out my calf muscles a click or so away. So I bolted immediately to find the flower and it was on a large, dead tree. I pole-vaulted right up that bitch and stuck the landing. I picked that flower and pocketed in my thong and had a tremendous amount of energy pent up from that awesome vault and took off faster than I realized. I made it back with plenty of time and that there magic flower that’s been rubbing on my crotch for a kilometer perked that horned buddy right up and was perfectly fine. Well alright then. So we go on and find an opening out in some field and find that dog, except that dog was being held by some old lady who you can clearly tell doesn’t work out. So we head inside and that entrance straight up collapsed on top of us. So, the group cracks a sunrod and we head inside. Found some ant-things and I made one explode with my fist and spew its insides on a very unlucky bastard -90. It was actually kind of very awesome. And we found some zombies and I got nabbed by one, but then I made him explode with my fist too, my fist is stronger than steel. We found a foreman’s room, a dead end for us. After some rootin’ around, somebody pointed out that the bookshelf was suspicious and found a book that activated it as a door. Since I’m so strong and can see. I grabbed the sunrod, stuffed it in my thong, and lead the way. So we opened the door and got on the floor and everyone walked the dinosaur and there was the old, not muscular lady with that poor cute dog doing some ritual or something, not the ritual of firing off a few rounds with the kettle bell. So there was this old lady and she said some stuff, I wasn’t paying too much attention and a wyrmling came right out of a pile of straw.

It’s go time.

The wyrming approaches us, hovering menacingly and spreading his fire aura on the group. I spring into action releasing all of my ki into the d20 and scoring a hit against his reflex, inflicting massive damage on him—but it wasn’t enough for me. A tremendous amount of energy SURGEd into my body and I opened the Gates of Battle right into the foul wyrmling’s vile and red body. Massive damage yet again. After the group gets its fill of hitting and getting hit, Gary, the red wyrmling menace, erupted in anger, damaging three of the group. After what seemed like an eternity, Gary was slain. I would’ve gotten the killing blow, I almost did. I trained my eye on the old hag and move towards her while picking up a rock and nailing her right in the noggin. She submitted immediately to the group and ran underneath her bed. After rescuing the dog we interrogated her and find out some stuff about keeping young and whatnot and rituals, stuff unrelated to working out. She handed the group a box with supposed treasures (I never saw any of it). So we got the box, promised to not kill her, she jumped into a painting that had two might-bang ladies and they disappeared along with Gary, who she healed up with some whispers or some crazy voodoo. Apparently the exit is this portal thing. Sounds good.

We set up camp and I decided to get a quick workout. Lunch wasn’t bad, that chef is pretty good with the cooking arts. As I finish up this journal, Beric asked me to get some wood. Yeah, I’ll carry that wood, it’ll be good for the lower muscles.

End of Sir Littlebrook’s Notes, found alongside the box of crap where the trail disappears with Borrus and Sir Littlebrook

Chapter 1: A Single Step
Tagline: It takes a village

From Sir Littlebrook’s Notes

Fitness Log:
Jogged 20km, sprinted 3km, cooldown jog 10km
347 pushups, 409 situps

Adventure Log:
Well it looks like some people here in this here town has somebody missing. On our way out to find this bud, a group of capable people I tagged along with found the kid and apparently some wolves were about to eat him or something, I don’t know I was checking out my muscles. I totally suplexed a wolf, you should’ve seen it, it was amazing. That kid is fine and we’re walking back to the village and they decided to throw this group of people I’m with a party. The other people were doing some stuff, and then I totally served a guy in front of his wife. This new workout regiment is really starting to show due to how flexible and smooth I move. So the next morning this guy offers us a castle’s worth of gold to deliver a dog to his squeeze in some town. Sounds good, and we’re heading off.

I bet I could ride that dog.

End of Sir Littlebrook’s Notes


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